Lorraine Gilbert

Tree Portraits

In 2004, when Boreal Art/nature, (Quebec land-based artist-run centre) was bequeathed with the tenure of a new 300 acre piece of land, covered in Boreal forest, I was asked if I could make photographs of the trees on the land for a fund-raising initiative:

Adopt a Tree- Cultivate Art.

For me, this was a great challenge; after photographing clearcuts in the early 1990's, I didn't know how to approach a single tree among many trees in a forest. I realized that clearcuts were landscapes with a visible horizon, and that individual trees in a forest were like portraits of people in a crowd, and a whole new approach to the subject of the forest had to be undertaken.

Since then, I have photographed notable trees everywhere I go, as an ongoing project, in the country, in the city, and even as remote as Central Park in NYC.


Crabapple detail