Lorraine Gilbert

Montreal and Vancouver Night Works

These images were taken in Montreal and Vancouver between 1979 and 1982 from Chinatown and the East End around Commercial Drive. They are images of private front yards, with flowering trees, bushes and flowers. They might appear as film sets ready for actions by subjects, who could be moving between private and public spaces. The glowing interiour lights and surreal colours caused by stretching the films colour latitude, results in a feeling of exclusion (being an outsider) as well as one of wonder. I was new to Vancouver at the time, as a forestry student at UBC. This series was shown at the Coburg gallery and reviewed by Bob Sherin in Vanguard in 1982. They are original prints from 35mm negatives and vary in size between 16X20 inches and 11X14 inches. Some of the negatives burned in the Banff fire at Christmas in 1979. The online images you see here were produced from the original prints. The photographs are untitled, so the names here are for identification only.


Benches detail